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The Visionary Bar is a resource at Claris Engage for FileMaker enthusiasts eager to expand their skills and techniques on their vocation of becoming FileMaker developers, consultants and future mentors.

Attendees are encouraged to visit to the Visionary Bar in the Vendor Showcase.
Just walkup to a Visionary on staff, we will be glad assist you.



Get answers and advice from FileMaker Business Alliance members on almost any topic at the Visionary Bar. These experts have a wide variety of experience so you can get the help you need to solve your development challenges. Enjoy life long friendships.


Show And Tell

Get assistance with with your code. Experienced developers will assist in troubleshooting your schema.


Reach New Heights

There is a wealth of knowledge to learn at Engage. The generous wisdom of your peers, will make your future projects take flight.


Learn Integration

You can take your solution even further with plugins, API's and third party solutions. Explore the possibilities with a Visionary.



Don't just guess. Discuss with experts how properly to secure your solutions.


Go Mobile

Take your solution on the road. Discuss how to get your solution ready for FMGo